Difficult People

Trained in psychology and neuroscience, we help today’s professionals understand the nature of difficult people in the workplace.


  • Reduced workplace stress, anger and risk
  • Greater employee communication and cooperation
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and retention

Ideal For:

  • Human Resource professionals
  • Executives responsible for maintaining a positive work environment
  • Managers seeking to maximize performance and harmony among team members
  • Professionals working with difficult or hostile colleagues

Our Dealing with Difficult People Workshop uses neuroscience and helps participants identify behavior patterns, harness proven tools to effectively communicate and interact and apply those techniques to achieve successful outcomes.

The program is predicated upon self-awareness, psychological S.A.F.E.T.Y. and competencies.

Dealing with Difficult People
Our Dealing with Difficult People Workshop helps managers and employees identify and harness proven strategies to communicate with the four major classes of Difficult People. Our objective is to reduce stress, anger and miscommunication — resulting in a safer, more harmonious and higher productivity workplace.

We help you work with individuals who have the capacity to make you feel frustrated, uncomfortable, stressed or even angry.

Note: The assessment and diagnostic for any psychological issues should only be performed by a licensed mental health professional.

Major Classes of Difficult People: Abbreviated Definitions
(Please contact us for detailed definitions).

Externally these individuals project themselves as superior and lack empathy towards others—often exploiting those around them.

Individuals in this class often have a distinct “black and white” view of the world and are characterized by unpredictable moods.

Anti-social individuals tend to be carefully deceitful, consistently irresponsible and often engage in repeated unlawful actions.

These individuals are emotional or dramatic, have an incessant need for attention and are hypersensitive.


Our Dealing with Difficult People Workshop helps participants identify your difficult individuals and provides proven techniques to drive effective communication and successful outcomes for each major class of Difficult People. We will also demonstrate how to interact with personality types of varying degrees so you can maximize your resilience — preparing you for the normal ebbs and flows of working with individuals.

If you believe your colleagues, superiors or subordinates possess the characteristics associated with any of the major classes above, then please contact us. We would be delighted to help.