Aspiring Managers

To help aspiring managers enhance their understanding of others, selected Tuesday evenings we offer a development workshop enabling professionals to sharpen their communication, persuasion and interpersonal skills in a productive, positive environment.The 90-minute MIGHT!™ sessions are hosted by Frank Del Fiugo with the participation from an exclusive group of thought leaders. MIGHT sessions provide a low-risk way to learn about others (and yourself), acquire valuable communication skills, and develop confidence.

Mindfulness: The calm and collected approach to communication
Improvisation: Influence others through action
Goal Achievement: Set and achieve targets
Hone Skills: Repetition breeds perfection
Targeted Metrics: Measure improved performance


MIGHT sessions are interactive, engaging and produce measurable changes in your communication abilities.

Ideal For:

Our MIGHT development workshops have been created specifically for professionals who are seeking to change the direction or trajectory of their careers. Those who benefit from the MIGHT program tend to have the following characteristics:

  • Hard-working professionals fully engaged at work
  • Need to overcome the challenges associated with presentations or public speaking
  • Desire to learn new skills—practicing them to perfection
  • Considering management as a part of your career path

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more or attending your first MIGHT session.