Case Study and Diagnostics

As a component of our coaching methodology, you will take a 45-minute online self-assessment.

Based upon the results, we will identify your innate strengths and develop a path forward. In addition to coaching sessions, we may recommend the conduct of online developmental exercises three times per week — each lasting approximately 15 minutes.


To help drive company growth, the CEO of a San Francisco-area start up sought to methodically increase their executive performance and completed a 45-minute online assessment. Attacking areas with the lowest scores first, the CEO engaged in a targeted selection of online exercises to enhance Thinking—followed by exercises to drive performance along the Feeling, Self-Regulation, and Emotion dimensions.

Within four months, the enhanced performance was evident to the executive team and clients who noted the CEO’s:

  • Greater focus and ability to resist distractions (Sustained Attention)
  • Enhanced ability to recall and use facts during discussions (Working Memory)
  • Greater ability to efficiently context switch—easily addressing unrelated issues (Flexibility)
  • Superior ability to organize and achieve goals (Executive Function)

Importantly, the CEO strengthened bonds and morale by listening to others devoid of past outcomes (Emotion Bias), reducing his own anxiety level (Anxiety Level), and more easily managing risks (Positivity-Negativity Bias).


With permission, below is the actual data for the CEO in this case study. You can view the individual line-item performance for each of the four segments.

  • Benchmark: November, 2015

    Neuroscience Benchmark
  • Follow-Up: March, 2016

    Neuroscience Update

Images courtesy of Academy of Brain-Based Leadership


In this case study, you’ll notice a dramatic increase in quantified capacity over a four month period that directly reflects the sentiment expressed by the executive team. The CEO noted “the changing data mirror the remarkable achievements I have made over the past four months.”

Neuroscience Results
The impact of coaching and exercises is synergistic and often explosive. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your executive coaching needs.