Recently Promoted Managers

We work with newly promoted managers along two distinct dimensions—internal and external. This service is ideal for rapidly advancing professionals and first time managers—including developers, engineers and consultants.Our internal focus helps managers to become more self-aware so they may more effectively interact and lead others. We provide the introspective tools and training enabling the manager to quickly learn and create positive outcomes. We help managers:

  • Confidently assume the new role they were given
  • Understand how their presence impacts others
  • Anticipate how they may react in a wide array of situations
  • Enhance their decision-making capabilities
  • Find and refine their leadership footing
  • Understand the impact of change and transition on yourself and your new team.

Our external focus is dedicated to helping the manager understand the thoughts, emotions, and factors that drive those around them. We’ll provide you with tools to help you:

  • Express yourself in a manner that individuals will understand and appreciate
  • Listen to the needs of others
  • Demonstrate your leadership
  • Inspire others to work toward a specific goal
  • Navigate and effectively resolve conflicts

When you work with us, you can expect the introduction to invaluable tools, measurable results, breakthrough moments. What’s included?

  • Six internal two-hour coaching sessions conducted via Skype or in-person
  • Access to the most advanced neuroscience assessment tool — including evaluations and personalized skill development exercises
  • Weekly implementation and action steps to drive the results you desire

In many ways, promotions create both exhilaration and stress. Let us help you through the challenges so you can deliver the performance that is expected of you.

Ideal For:

  • This service is specifically designed to help professionals who were promoted—including those who have just entered the management ranks. Ideal candidates have:
  • Less than one year in your current management or leadership position
  • Exceptional technical expertise in your domain
  • Ability to analytically approach decision making—articulating your process with others
  • Willingness to harness qualitative and quantitative feedback to modify your behaviors and approaches
  • Desire to understand the human factors associated with negotiating, constructive, and destructive behaviors among those around you
  • Commitment to become an exceptional manager and leader

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our coaching services for newly promoted professionals.