Executive Coaching Full

We work one-on-one with CEOs and executives to help them understand the thoughts, emotions, and factors that drive those around them. Armed with these insights, leaders can more effectively manage up, down, and across the organization to achieve unparalleled success.Based upon decades of interpersonal work coupled with neuroscience methods, we’ll show you how to achieve breakthrough results by:

  • Anticipating, navigating and resolving conflicts on a lasting basis—preventing flare ups
  • Expressing yourself in a way that individuals will understand and appreciate
  • Hearing the spoken and unspoken needs of others
  • Inspiring others to work toward a mission

Not only will your team and organization excel, you will also learn valuable life-long skills to:

  • Exude a more powerful leadership and executive presence
  • Confidently delegate tasks to the right individuals
  • More effectively negotiate
  • Demonstrate resiliency in the face of risk-taking
  • Incorporate feedback to continually enhance your skills
  • Find your optimal work-life balance
  • Prepare you for your next opportunity

When you work with us, you can expect measurable results, breakthrough moments, and a life-changing pivot in your career. What’s included?

  • Twelve two-hour coaching sessions conducted via Skype or in-person
  • Access to the most advanced neuroscience assessment tool — including evaluations and personalized skill development exercises
  • Weekly implementation and action steps to drive the results you desire

We partner to give you the tools you need to achieve your next-level performance. Our goal is to help you be more successful, make your job more rewarding and enjoyable, and to prepare you for your next opportunity.

Ideal For:

  • Our Executive Coaching service is designed specifically for seasoned CEOs, Board Members, and senior executives with the following characteristics
  • More than five years at the helm or significantly influencing the direction of an organization
  • Comfortable making important business and personnel decisions
  • Self-aware or willing to learn how their own behavior, traits, and attitudes impact an organization
  • Eager to help others develop their skills, leadership abilities, and careers
  • Tasked with driving organizational growth and performance
  • Acquire personal or financial rewards by delivering organizational success

If this sounds like you, please contact us to explore our services.