Below are accolades from some our executive coaching and advanced neuroscience assessment method clients.

“I have been impressed with Del Fiugo’s curriculum designs for Coaching. His approach is assessment-driven, with midpoint evaluations, that enable him to customize his interventions. His work is entirely consistent with the latest knowledge on learning and personal development.”

Jack Dieckmann
Educational Researcher – Stanford University

“Frank is a special talent and asset to any organization, group or individual who cares about development. I can’t think of anyone else I would rather hire to help with such important life skills.”

Joe Lynam
Entrepreneur | CEO | Business Development Leader | Mobile Payments | Global Monetization | e-Commerce | Digital Media

“Dealing with Difficult People” was one of the best workshops that I attended at the 2016 WITI Summit. Frank is engaging and knowledgeable, and he offered concrete strategies for interacting with challenging personality types in ways that promote communication and cooperation. I definitely recommend attending this workshop.”

June Yoshii

“Frank is very bright and very experienced in various fields of psychology, behavioral science and management and organizational behavior. He is an excellent coach and counselor and really digs in detail on assignments from his clients to arrive at factually based conclusions and recommendations.”

Gil Decker
Independent Defense & Space Professional

“I attended the workshop given by Frank Del Fiugo on “Dealing With Difficult People” at the Women in Technology Summit Conference in San Jose, CA on June 7th, 2016. I found the workshop not only interesting and informative but full of practical advice.”

Georgia Beller

“Frank Del Fiugo was the facilitator in the WITI coaching circle discussing High Impact Communication. Frank shared some great techniques for communication in the workplace and also led a workshop on how to deal with difficult people where he provided tools to deal with people based on their personality type. I wish it was at least one more day as I felt there was much more I could have learned.”

Kathleen Donahue
Source Refrigeration

“Frank is a dedicated, open, motivated and responsible person. He sees the big picture and is thoughtful and sensitive around issues that can be complex and difficult to manage. Frank is very smart, personable and has a great sense of humor. On a personal level, Frank supports my efforts as a board member for the YWCA of Silicon Valley, and believes in the mission and vision of the organization as it pertains to the empowerment of women, children and their families. Frank is an all-around great guy and I’m so proud of his accomplishments.”

Alana Forrest
Director of Safety and Security at Pixar Animation Studios

“I have worked with Frank setting up workshops for individuals working in the legal system such as mediators, Court staff and volunteers, and Judicial Officers. These workshops have been regarding dealing with difficult personalities. I have admired Frank’s expertise and presentation style. His knowledge and understanding of human behavior is extensive and he is able to communicate that to the audience in an engaging manner. As a result, we have had lively interactive discussions at each of these workshops. It has been an honor to work with Frank over the years and he has my full endorsement.”

Fariba Soroosh
Supervising Attorney at Santa Clara County Superior Court

“Frank’s session on “Dealing with Difficult People” was truly wonderful. I learned to understand the different types of difficult personalities as well as how to best deal with them. I look forward to implementing my new found knowledge in the real world.”

Priya Singh

“I have known Frank for several years. He is an extremely professional person, and a very pleasant personality. I can rely on him giving advice relating to perpetrators abusing their partner, and, those who have anger management problems. He was the chairman on the domestic violence council of Santa Clara (I was the medical committee chair then) which has is a very important role in dealing with abuse and neglect of women and children. He is an excellent speaker. He is to be highly recommend for his achievements.”

Amir Hadid
Doctor at tpmg

“Frank was an invaluable resource for me when I began supervising the Family Violence Unit at the San Jose Police Department. His connections to the community are exceptional and I depended on Frank to educate me about the community and make all the necessary introductions. Frank and I serve on many committees together and I consider him to be an expert in his field. Frank’s easy going personality and his no nonsense approach to problem solving make him a pleasure to work.”

Jason Herr
Lieutenant at San Jose Police Department

“I’ve known Frank Del Fiugo since 1994. He has been a consistent presence and voice in Santa Clara County for as long as I’ve known him in the area of domestic violence prevention and education. His unyielding dedication to this problem is admirable, his belief in change and growth for victims and perpetrators of this tragic issue is unshakable. I am honored by our long-term alliance and look forward to continued work and moving forward in creating an environment free of controlling abusive behavior in intimate relationships.”

Sheila Badon
Founder and Executive Director at HurtNo1, Inc.