Neuroscience Full

Trained in psychology, our coaching methods are based upon understanding how individuals think to achieve superior individual and team performance. Essential to this process is the ability to objectively quantify and retrain how you think about situations and approaches to management.To help develop exceptional leaders, we employ the most powerful neuroscience assessment tool available developed by The Academy of Brain-based Leadership. This cutting-edge methodology is uniquely based upon scientifically validated research that isolates key brain processes which directly impact leadership abilities. As one of the few coaching organizations in the world certified with this approach, we enable you to take a 45-minute online assessment.Based upon the results and your development objectives, we identify your strengths and recommend areas for improvement. To drive targeted improvement, we provide you with proven and interesting brain-training exercises that you conduct in just 10 to 15 minutes, three times per week to build capacity and skills. In one month, you will quantify the results of your enhanced capabilities through a follow-up reassessment.

Our psychological approach to coaching combined with the ability to measure, directly improve, and re-measure raw leadership abilities differentiates us from all other coaching organizations.

  • Scientifically validated using the world’s largest neuroscience database
  • Targets key brain processes and capacities that directly impact leadership behaviors
  • Start with a 45-minute online assessment to benchmark your abilities
  • Partake in personalized exercises to build capacity — 10 minutes a day, 3 times per week
  • Re-measure to demonstrate greater abilities, confidence, and leadership

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