5 Leadership Factors in Building and Maintaining a High Performance Team

Have you felt stuck? Sometimes exasperated when trying to move your team to the next level? Your team is good. You want it to be great. You’ve felt synchronicity in the past. You want it back. Yet, when trying to implement change, the history and culture of your team has a built-in resistance. Change is challenging.  Yet, is doesn’t have to be that way.

Below are 5 Leadership Factors crucial when creating and maintaining a high-performance team:

1.    Set the Tone: Establish your expectations for your team.  Be clear and brief. Then, make expectation reinforcement an ongoing process. Hold yourself and your team members accountable for this expectation. Talking about strategy and expectations one time is not enough!

2.    Patience and Persistence: Remain patient, remain persistent. Changing old behaviors and implementing new behaviors takes time. Modeling patience and resolving to be persistent is paramount in sustaining high performance.

3.    Beliefs = Behaviors: Analyze your beliefs and your team’s beliefs around teamwork and expectations. Getting group beliefs in sync will create consistent actions as a team.

4.    Resistance: Implementing new strategy and expectations creates a natural resistance. Recognize resistance quickly. It’s a good opportunity to analyze solid team players vs. employees just along for the ride.

5.    Be a Super Model: As a leader, you’re often under a microscope. Relish it. If you ask your team to make changes, model what you expect. Be focused. Show your team over time that you mean business.

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